Q. Can I choose the coaches who attend?

A.Absolutely, and why not add a little local interest too. At The Tennis Circus, we have ex-professionals on our books from all areas of the UK.

Q. How far in advance do I need to book my Tennis Day?

A. Ideally 6 weeks. This will give us the chance to confirm the coaches of your choice, and give you the time to promote the event, but we will try to meet tighter time frames if requested.

Q. The idea sounds great, but are the costs going to be too expensive for my ‘small’ tennis club?

A. Definitely not.The key is co-ordinating the day to encompass several sessions. This way, the costs are spread over the whole day with more members contributing, hence reducing the costs per member.

Q. Where in the UK do you operate?

A. The Tennis Circus will visit any club of your choosing. From Land’s End to Llandudno, Inverness to Ipswich, nowhere is too far for us.